Fiber-reinforced thermoplastic is an emerging industrial material category with high-performance properties, making it a valuable solution for high-end industrial application. That’s why Raise3D has developed a scientific paper (White Paper) that deals extensively with the technical advantages of these materials and 3D printers.

We quote from the body of work:

“Fiber-reinforced thermoplastics FFF printing technology must possess a much higher capability in both the material and the 3D printing technology itself. Raise3D has devised this technology by creating industrial-purposed filaments and redesigning the FFF printing mechanism. Raise3D has designed the RMF500 and E2CF, the first two models of its composite thermoplastics’ printer family, for large and small-scale manufacturing respectively.”

The White Paper conclusion:

“As part of a growing trend, the development of FFF printing solutions for fiber-reinforced thermoplastics is expected to evolve with cost-efficiency, performance and material-driven DNAs. In summary, fiber reinforced thermoplastic FFF printing enables:

  • Industrial grade strength parts and components
  • Lighter weight components vs. metal and solid polymer components
  • Highly desirable properties for automotive and aerospace industries”

Learn more about 3D printing with fiber-reinforced thermoplastics in the Raise3D White Paper:

Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastic 3D Printing