As you may know already, Polymaker is committed to helping combat plastic waste. It’s PolyTerra™ PLA range was the first step we took towards creating more eco-sustainable products.

Polymaker’s goal is to migrate all of their products in this direction. That is why, now, Polymaker is switching to 100% recycled cardboard spools.

The new cardboard spool features a thick 4mm pressed and die cut recycled cardboard spool face, glued onto a strip rolled section of cardboard tube. The thickness of the cardboard ensures filament is well protected and the spool can roll very efficiently on all designs of spool holder both internally or externally mounted.

A new label with larger text has been created on the box, making it easier to identify the material, diameter and color of the filament. Basic printing information and the rough filament weight guide, (a feature pioneered by Polymaker and copied by many of its competitors), are featured on the spool.

One of the biggest challenges for Polymaker was sourcing a glue that can withstand the high temperatures necessary to dry some filaments. The Polymaker nylon range for example needs to be dried at 100°C and the naturally sourced glue that holds the new cardboard spools together has the ability to withstand those temperatures without melting.

  • 100% recycled and recyclable
  • Tons less plastic waste
  • Complete portfolio on cardboard spools within the year
  • No paper brochures or leaflets in the spool box, only QR codes that contain product info, datasheets
  • New SKU’s
  • Improved winding