As a manufacturer of raw materials for more than 10 years, Nanoe is now a key player in the world of technical ceramics. With the expertise acquired, Nanoe has created the Zetamix filaments in 2018. Nanoe and Zetamix aim to provide material for all companies : multinational companies, SME, laboratories but also research centers. To achieve this goal, the brand Zetamix has been developed – the first ceramic and metallic filaments compatible with any FFF 3D printers.

Nanoe also provides tested and approved machines for companies that do not own such equipment. The Zetamix kit includes a Raise 3D printer endowed with a “direct drive” system suited for the Zetamix filaments, a debinding kit and a tubular furnace.

Discover more about the Zetamix ceramic & metal 3D printing filaments here:

Zetamix Metalic And Ceramic Filaments