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With its unique position and product range, FormWerk services a lot of different customers, from the individual hobbyist to professional designers, from engineers to professors, from companies in various industries (automotive, aeronautics, health etc.) to education organizations of all levels and research facilities, to NGOs and other public sector entities and projects.


3D printers from Romania’s focal destination for customer-specific 3D printing solutions: fast, safe and accountable! Our portfolio offers the widest range of 3D printers, 3D scanners, high-quality materials and accessories, competitively priced and promptly delivered!

To find out more about our 150+ brands, we welcome you to our modern and efficient online store.


Having seen the clients’ needs and usage moving from prototyping to small batch manufacturing and now spreading into different verticals, and thanks to our combined 50+ years of experience in this industry, we, at FormWerk, believe in tailored offers, no matter how you finance the project.

Our corporate customers take advantage of our extensive knowledge of additive manufacturing and enjoy FormWerk’s unique package of advantages: best-in-class technical pre-sale consulting, technology qualification, materials qualification, application engineering, system integration, project management, benchmarking test printing and after-sales tech support.


We are always excited to assist public institutions, NGOs or private entities looking to integrate 3D printing solutions in their educational initiatives. Our expertise in the Romanian market spans years of such involvement and success shared with our partners.

Here are some examples of us providing equipment, software, materials and training:

  • Smart Lab @ Liceul Cuza
  • Smart Lab @ Magurele Science Park
  • Sponsorship of National Colleges Alexandru Ioan Cuza and Mihai Viteazul
  • Sponsorship of Robotics Clubs in several schools & colleges


Along the years we have participated in countless projects of all sizes, developed with Romanian universities, research institutes, the military, various NGOs. We have accumulated a critical mass of knowledge and insight into the carrying out of such collaborations.

That is why, to achieve a viable optimal project, we’d like to invite public sector customers to engage with FormWerk in neutral and conflict-of-interest-free technical pre-sale consulting and technology qualification, well before accessing the SICAP (SEAP) acquisition platform.

We’re always eager to assist you!


Over the past years, based on our core company values, we have been able to build a solid reputation in the industry and are constantly improving our resellers service offers.

As a FormWerk reseller partner, you can expand your 3D printing retail business, so your customers can enjoy 3D-distribution with real added value.

We make sure we offer you the best services, technical support and sales conditions we can, so you can stand out from the pure “box movers” and create a positive relationship with your customers.

High-Availability Portfolio

Market-Best Technical Support

Showroom Setup Consultancy

Demo Machine Program

No Minimum Order Quantity

Marketing Support

Attractive Margin

Negotiable Terms On Special Orders

Responsive Warehousing Solution


Our suppliers are key partners in our mission to facilitate access to all available additive manufacturing technologies for a wide variety of customers and applications.

FormWerk is always on the lookout for new supply and channel partners, adding value to our existing product portfolio.

On our side, we bring to the table our unique package of serious business practices and advantages: a modern warehousing solution, an exciting showroom, application engineering expertise, an ever-growing network of resellers, savvy marketing expertise (online, TV, press).