Our Story

“Having spent my peak professional years in renewable technologies (wind, solar), I had already learnt the lesson that progress means becoming more efficient and limiting consumption – it is really the lesson of every key invention in the history of humanity. In fact, I strongly believe the very survival of the human race depends on us learning to design and manufacture with less material and energy consumption.

As an engineer, standard design and industrial fabrication approaches had always annoyed me and figures like Buckminster Fuller and Gaudi had always fascinated me. Also, I was quite taken with the democratization of technology that has been the trend in many fields in our recent history. I guess I was ready to embrace an industry that observes the rule of natural progress.

So, as what you could call “an eco-man”, 3D printing was a natural path to follow. I started thinking of FormWerk convinced it is my chance to contribute to advancing humanity towards efficient, nature-inspired building and making solutions. It is kind of a personal quest for me to help this industry gain ground.”

Yannick Bastian

CEO & Founder of FormWerk

Our Purpose

Additive manufacturing takes advantage of the latest in technology, software, hardware, design and materials. It is beneficial to the design, manufacturing and production process. It allows companies to remain competitive because of shortened lead times and constant improvement of quality and products in an agile way. Traditional manufacturing cannot deliver these competitive advantages.

That is why FormWerk was created, to provide individuals and companies with the distinct advantages and benefits of additive manufacturing:

  • Design complexity and freedom
  • No tooling
  • Accelerate time to market
  • Part consolidation
  • Improved workflows

Our History

  • The business idea is born
  • Showing a personal interest in 3D printers, Yannick receives the first offers to become a reseller
  • The name and first logo of FormWerk are created
  • By March FormWerk is a registered company
  • The first foreign partner is signed – the German RepRap company
  • The first RepRap 3D printer arrives to Romania
  • November sees the first client contract, with the Cluj University, for a RepRap 3D printer kit
  • FormWerk signs with LeapFrog
  • The RepRap kit assembled and optimized locally is a hit – it sells to the Sofia Academy of Sciences as well as other research institutes in Romania
  • The top 3D scanner of the time, David 3D, arrives to Romania in an exclusive deal with FormWerk
  • MakerBot declines signing with FormWerk; as a result, FormWerk’s ambition to democratize 3D printing brings the first Chinese-made MakerBot clones to Romania, purchased from Amazon Germany
  • FormWerk launches its e-shop – Romania’s first online 3D printing shopping platform
  • The first filament supplier, Mitsubishi Company’s Verbatim, grants FormWerk national exclusivity
  • The filament suppliers roster expands to five suppliers
  • FormWerk delivers filament to its first school client
  • Following the Chinese-made 3Dprinters success, FormWerk converts its amazon.de seller into its first channel partner / EU importer and gets a first batch of fifty 3D printer models
  • FormWerk rents its first offices with storage and workshop
  • To make the technology more accessible to Romania, FormWerk manufactures the first local 3D scanner prototypes using David 3D software
  • FormWerk’s technology offer is expanded to resin printing (SLR) and synthetizing (powder, SLS)
  • FormWerk becomes an exclusive distributor for the Dutch FunToDo, also a start-up at the time
  • FormWerk signs XYZ Printing Taiwan and brings the first resin 3D printer to Romania
  • The 3D resin printer from Taiwan is sold and the trend of dental 3D printing is thus launched in Romania
  • The portfolio of both machines and materials continues to expand to meet market demand
  • The first 3D printers with resin and video projector technology (DLPTM-SLA) arrive
  • FormWerk stops being a one-man-show, the first team member is hired for online & offline customer support
  • Two new technologies are added to the FormWerk portfolio: LCD mSLA (mask) and SLS
  • Within a couple of months, the LCD mSLA (mask) technology (LED resin 3D printing) booms and the portfolio expands from one model to twenty (among which Wanhao and Anycubic)
  • The SLS technology means signing an exclusive deal with Sinterit, Poland, for what is to this day still the smallest and most affordable machine on the market
  • By mid-year FormWerk has all 3 major 3D printing technologies under one roof
  • FormWerk signs its first clients through the Start Up Nation program
  • More sales, more suppliers, more technologies, more printer models!
  • FormWerk now exclusively represents over twenty-five brands in Romania
  • The first Raise 3D machines arrive to Romania, exclusively through FormWerk
  • More clients enlist FormWerk’s assistance in bidding through the Start Up Nation program
  • FormWerk now sells clay printers, large-scale printers, fleets and farms
  • The corporate and public sector client roster expands with more national research institutes, military units, schools, museums
  • In August, FormWerk starts collaborating with a professional warehousing & handling company
  • The second and third waves of Start Up Nation clients arrive, with ever larger and more complex projects
  • FormWerk now exclusively represents fifty brands in Romania
  • The first FormWerk resellers join in from Constanța and Cluj
  • The INACO (Competitiveness Initiative) NGO joins forces with FormWerk to create The Smart Labs Project: an integrated learning platform providing schools with the complete range of 3D technologies (modelling software, 3D printers, 3D scanners, robots, thermoformers, VR goggles, interactive monitors). Projects completed: Școala 45 Titu Maiorescu, sect. 1, Liceul Ion Cuza, sect. 3. The Smart Labs Project culminates with the Măgurele Science Park, created as a hub for schools from the whole Ilfov county.
  • FormWerk appears in its first live TV interview
  • FormWerk surpasses a thousand active clients
  • The reseller base grows with three more partners in the country (Iași, Brașov, Sibiu)
  • FormWerk moves into new offices, complete with a new workshop and a showroom
  • Under the COVID-19 pressure, FormWerk joins forces with FabLab in a pro-bono community initiative to manufacture over 7000 visors & masks, distributed for free to hospitals, dentists, family doctors
  • Despite COVID-19 and its economical downside, FormWerk’s number of clients almost doubles
  • The FormWerk team grows, adding new functions: online shop management, technical
  • The FormWerk team continues to grow, adding new functions: marketing, public sector & industrial sales
  • The mid-year forecast is for FormWerk to exceed 2000 active clients by year-end
  • FormWerk signs on its first international reseller in Sofia, Bulgaria
  • FormWerk refines and refreshes its branding and positioning to stay relevant

Our Brand

We are a distributor and retailer of 3D printers, materials, accessories and related technology, a service provider with an international technology-savvy team, a user-friendly online shop and an ever-expanding network of resellers.

Our function: To make 3D printing accessible to everyone, from the individual hobbyist to designers and manufacturers, to education institutions and organizations.

Our ambition: To provide the widest product range in the market, making available the latest technologies in the industry.

Our essence: Adaptation for success.

Our Philosophy

Our Vision: To enable humanity to progress and prosper by learning how to build in a true lean and agile way, inspired by nature.

Our Mission: To always be the first to provide the widest range of equipment and material choices as well as accessible professional support for individual and corporate, private and state-owned 3D makers (architects, designers, engineers and DIY-ers), so they can relearn and experience lean and agile design and production for a better, more sustainable future.

At FormWerk, a team of like-minded professionals welcomes you into the magic of making by permanently striving to embody our Brand Values:

Customer Empowerment | Integrity | Sustainability | Collaboration | Agility | Progress

Green Print

In addition to its mission to facilitate the advancement of the 3D printing industry, FormWerk is constantly including eco-friendly materials in its offer, such as biomaterials, non-food source biomaterials, compostable 3D printing materials, recycled materials and materials using waste matter as a filler.

All this, to allow you to fully benefit from the main advantages of additive manufacturing advantages.

Using Less Material

Saving On Storage And Stock

Using Less Energy

Weight, Part, Material Saving In The Supply Chain

Lower Weight

Manufacturing Close To The Consumer

Lower Part Count

On-Demand Production

Our Team

At FormWerk, we are a multi-national team of fun and creative individuals, passionate about additive manufacturing and new technologies. And we’re always happy to help!

Yannick Bastian


Gabriela Istrate

Commercial & Industrial Sales

Valentina Constantin

Customer Relations

Alexandru Anton

Technical Support

Alina Vânătoru


Ken Huegel

Technical Support

Ioana Manea



At the heart of every great change is a great human. If you have ideas, ingenuity and a passion for making a difference, come and be a part of our team. Together, we work to harness meaningful, powerful change.

Training & Development

We support our colleagues to grow within their roles, providing formal training and development and informal staff apprenticeships within your teams.

Flexible Hours

We understand people work better in different ways and need flexibility to integrate their work life with their personal one, so we’re always happy to discuss flexible working.