We at FormWerk are happy to announce we’ve started blogging about printers, materials, design and many more topics again.

Here are our objectives with the FormWerk blog series:

  • To provide information and opinions
  • To share with the world our answers to questions and issues from our clients, business partners and the general public
  • To fill the gaps other much more professional bloggers somehow do not seem to cover

As far as the article format is concerned, we aim to provide you with a rich mix of editorials, FAQs, how-to-do stuff, business intelligence and market analysis.

Our blog series is not intended to directly promote FormWerk’s products and services, which is done via banners, specific announcements, newsletter etc. Still, with an eye to providing enriched content and being as exhaustive as possible, we might sometimes reference some of our products or various 3rd party products.

Through our industry expert contributions, we hope to provide you with a valuable, reliable and trustworthy source of information. Also, we hope you have fun reading our new FormWerk blog and never hesitate to engage in a productive dialogue with us, giving us your feedback as you see fit.

Cheerio and don’t be a stranger!

Yannick Bastian
FormWerk Founder & CEO