​The 3D printing community is a vibrant and exciting one, and, no doubt about it, YouTube features some of the most informative and entertaining content about 3D printing on the interwebs.

Many new 3D printing YouTubers run successful channels, and many 3D printing creators have grown tremendously – from a few subs to a few thousand in a few months, sometimes way more!

Whether you’re looking for 3D printing tutorials, tips and tricks, product reviews, cool projects, or just general goofing off, from 3D printer unboxing to filament reviews, how-to’s, live streams, and more, there’s always a YouTube channel you can watch.

We spend a lot of time exploring YouTube and searching for great video content on additive manufacturing. So here are three of our favorite channels below, ordered according to the number of subscribers.


Maker’s Muse

Subscribers: 963,000

Views: 142,166,510

Videos: 608

Maker’s Muse is a popular 3D printing YouTube channel all about 3D Printing, Design and Making, fronted by Angus Deveson. Their declared aim is “to empower creativity through technology”.

Ranking within the top 10 spots on most review lists of the most useful YouTube channels of the past 2-3 years, it’s one of the more popular content creators on the topic. When the time comes for you to make the critical decision of what 3D printer, 3D scanner, or software is right for you, Angus Deveson’s Maker’s Muse YouTube Channel may be the help you need. Focused on providing unbiased and comprehensive reviews, Maker’s Muse tests out everything from 3D printers to filaments. The additive manufacturing expert also provides insight on how to optimize the 3D printing experience, showing his viewers how to properly prepare the CAD, slicer, printing process and beyond.

Their vision, as expressed on their website, is:

“It is our aim to empower creativity through technology. We showcase advanced manufacturing technologies through reviews, tutorials and projects.”

In addition to video content, Maker’s Muse website also offers a wide range of educational files and resources.


“Maker’s Muse is my way of sharing my passion for making and learning and by using the YouTube video platform we can make our videos freely accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world.Ț, says Angus Deveson, industrial designer, technology enthusiast, entrepreneur and creator of the Maker’s Muse YouTube channel.

Why we love it: Objective articulate reviews by an industrial designer with a real passion for 3D printing


CNC Kitchen

Subscribers: 408,000

Views: 46,219,380

Videos: 165

Run and fronted by its creator, Stefan Hermann, from Germany, CNC Kitchen is a YouTube channel where you can find, in the words of its author, “educating and entertaining videos for you which feature 3D printing, CNC, CAD, Lasers, Arduino and much more tech stuff!”

Stefan is a YouTube Edutainer & Tech Communicator, Additive Manufacturing Engineer, Podcaster and Father, who also has a blog, https://www.cnckitchen.com

He also owns a shop selling heat inserts and soldering tips on Amazon.

“My advice to everyone: Don’t procrastinate! Rather fail while doing something than not doing something at all. This is how we learn.”, he says in an interview.

Why we love it: Clear and to the point explanations, well prepared tests and reviews


 Vision Miner

Subscribers: 18,400

Views: 2,748,469

Videos: 302

This is the YouTube channel of the company with the same name. According to their own description, here you can find information on “High Performance Industrial 3D Printing – specialized in high-temperature thermoplastics like PEEK, ULTEM and PPSU, and more.”

From their website:

Founded with the purpose of providing functional, industrial, and affordable 3D printing equipment, for businesses and manufacturing companies, Vision Miner is forging a future where the workflow between product concept, prototyping, refinement, and final production becomes seamless.

Vision Miner lives on the cutting edge of high-temperature 3D printing, working with the equipment and materials we sell. In doing so, we’ve become one of the only printing companies in the United States that possesses a strong foundation of printing in materials like PEEK, PEI, PPSU, and Carbon Fiber.

Not only does Vision Miner provide equipment solutions, but we also set customers up for success through consulting packages, enabling your company to optimize the way you produce your products.

Vision Miner is quickly becoming a primary resource for high-temperature plastic printing technologies. As a leader exploring and pushing the forefront of Additive Manufacturing, Vision Miner is changing how companies and consumers can utilize advanced 3D printing technologies.

Why we love it: Up-to-date, highly reliable information on high-temperature 3D printing, professional approach